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Heather Grace Stewart wrote her first poem at age five, inspired by falling down a lot while trying to figure skate. ‘At the Arena’ was published in her school newsletter. From that moment on, Heather was hooked on writing.

Reading at Chapters Bookstore, Kanata, Ontario. April 2012
IMG_0683 Reading from Carry On Dancing at Chapters Bookstore, Kanata, Ontario, April 2012. Release of Three Spaces in Paperback (No E-Readers in the Tub campaign!) , June 2013.

After receiving her BA (Honours) in Canadian Studies at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Heather attended Montreal’s Concordia University for a graduate diploma in Journalism. She worked as chief reporter of a local paper and associate editor of Harrowsmith Country Life and Equinox magazines before starting her own freelance writing and editing business, Graceful Publications, in 1999.

Heather’s debut novel, Strangely, Incredibly Good, was released by Morning Rain Publishing on June 5, 2014 rising to #10 in Humorous Fiction on Kobo. Its sequel, Remarkably Great, was published in August 2015 by Heather’s publishing company, Graceful Publications and by November 2015 it had hit #1 on the Amazon Bestsellers list in Time Travel Romance in both Canada’s and the UK’s Kindle Store. Heather re-published Strangely, Incredibly Good in January 2016 under Graceful Publications, and it rose to #1 in Time Travel Romance in Canada and the UK, and made the Top Ten in Romantic Comedies on Kindle Canada.

Her latest release, The Ticket, inspired by true events, was released in February 2016 and quickly became the #1 Hot New Release in Romantic Comedy in both Canada and the UK, and a Top Ten in Movie Tie-Ins on Kindle Canada and the USA.

Heather’s two non-fiction books for youth are part of the Warts & All educational series on Canada’s Prime Ministers (Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Kim Campbell). She has written for a wide range of magazines, including Reader’s Digest and Canadian Wildlife magazine, and edited a Canadian law magazine for students for four years. Her regular column in the Queen’s Alumni Review magazine, Grace’s Grads, was created in September 2004 and remained a regular feature in the magazine for a decade.

Heather’s poems have been published in Canadian literary journals, newspapers and magazines, Canadian, British and South African school textbooks/audio CDS for schools, online journals, international print anthologies, and in the British small presses. She was awarded Queen’s University’s McIlquham Foundation Prize in English Poetry and the UK  journal Various Artists’ “The Poet’s Poet” Award (2008 & 2012)

Heather’s fourth collection of poetry, prose and photography, Three Spaces (2013) has been described as ‘professional,’ ‘brilliant,’ ‘tender & graceful’ ‘modern & unconventional, ‘fun, sexy, capricious & insightful.’

“Heather Grace Stewart is one of my favorite poets, and her poetry collections only get better over time. Her latest, Three Spaces, is proof […] Add it to your space. You won’t be disappointed.” ~Elisa Lorello, best-selling author of Faking It, Ordinary World, Why I Love Singlehood, Adulation

Heather’s third collection of poetry and photos, Carry On Dancing (Winter Goose Publishing, March 2012) has been reviewed as ‘brave, personal and eloquent poems,’ ‘stirring memories of Dickinson and Plath,’ ‘poems to remember. A poet for everyone.’

Her second collection of poetry and photos, Leap’, has been described as a “lovely lilt of language” and “a must for new and already hooked fans” by reviewers.

Her first collection of poems, Where the Butterflies Go (2008) with half the proceeds still being donated to Unicef’s Gift of Education project and other third-world school projects, has been reviewed as ‘a joy to read,’ ‘honest, tinged with awe and an eye for humor,’ and ‘full of healing power.’

Her photographs have appeared in Equinox and National Geographic Traveler among others, and on the cover of over a dozen poetry books.

Born in Ottawa, she lives with her husband and daughter near Montreal. In her free time, she loves to take photos, scrapbook, cartoon, inline skate, dance like nobody’s watching, and eat Swedish Berries — usually not at the same time.

Publishers of online or print publications, to purchase publication rights for any of Heather’s poems or photos, please contact her at writer@hgrace.com

I am a proud Canadian, author, poet, wife, and mother; a wannabe cowgirl who’s just as happy in my cutoffs and cowgirl hat on a beach as I am in a gown and fancy heels (though I wish I had more chances to wear the gown and fancy shoes!)

Reading from my first collection Where the Butterflies Go, summer 2008.
Reading from Three Spaces
Reading at Chapters (Pointe Claire QC) from Three Spaces and Carry On Dancing; April 2013.
Strangely Incredibly Good Novel Release Party reading, June 13, 2014.

I do not love reading my poems for audiences. I still get nervous right before  (even after all these years) and I truly hate the sound of my own voice. However, I have a background in theatre and do love performance, and I love hearing the audience reaction; especially those ‘ahhs’ and little sighs.

I love my inlaws’ dog, Coco, and she’s so incredibly smart! In BC, Canada, January 2011.

With my beautiful family, July 2008

In my office, with my Muse/Mews Sam, March 2011

With one of my greatest inspirations, our daughter (9) – summer 2014


18 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. I have just stumbled across you and your books but unfortunately I’ve missed the opportunity to read Stranely incredibly good for free online so I was looking for it at the library. Is it possible that I can’t find it at any library? I’ve searched the libraries online and it turns up nothing. Guess I need to purchase a copy and donate it afterwards! Unless you purposely kept it out of the libraries?


    1. Hi Jodi. I’d never purposefully keep my books out of libraries. I’m an indie author. It’s really hard to get books distributed everywhere. Not only is it expensive for me to ship them to libraries and donate them, losing my royalties, (though I have done so for my local library and a few others nearby) it’s lots of work to ship them off, as I’m my own publisher. Also, the book has only been out for two years and the print run was only 300 copies. A very small run, for now! So that’s why you can’t find it! If you want to contact me at writer@hgrace.com I can happily send you a signed copy via Paypal, however, you could probably ask your library to buy it at Amazon (.com, .ca and I think in the UK too) and they can ship it in to the library. Happy reading!


  2. Hello Heather,
    I’m glad I came across your site accidentally last night , while reading another friend, Heather’s blog😛 It’s such a beautiful, awesome and wonderful blog you’ve got! The blog name specially is heart-breakingly beautiful!! I must say your poems seem astounding to me . . . .they are simple, easy to understand and very very exotic, I tell you! ANd you seem to be a beautiful lady too, makes your poetry all the more worth to be coming from you.. .. .🙂

    I’m a high school goer in Bangladesh,an Asian country. Currently taking my O level exams. . . .I love poetry too, even write some of my own.They’re in my blog :www.sinoritaenchantress.blogspot.com .I’d b e very grateful if you go through them once and leave me a little remark !

    Your poems inspire me A LOT, so I choose to follow you from now on, THank you! And keep up the AWESOME WORK…..:D may your pen never stop writing such magnificient poetry! All the best!

    Love Your Poetry,


    1. Hi Bushra,
      Thanks for taking the time to write me. It’s always a good feeling to know
      I’ve reached a high schooler – that means I’m making poetry accessible to
      younger generations, keeping it alive – and then to learn you live
      as far away as Bangladesh -that’s amazing to me. The wonders of the
      Internet! Thanks for the encouragement. Keep on writing and of
      course I’ll visit and subscribe to your blog!
      Best wishes,


      1. Aww,,,,don’t thank me for nothing ,Heather. Mypleasure that you wrote back. thank you.!!

        and Undoubtedly you reached us -the younger generations-…..that’s what makes ya a cool poet!🙂

        and well , geographically Bangladesh might be far …but on the internet, everything’s a click away…so the distance doesnt make a headline these days..:P moreover, i’ve been to Canada twice..too pity i dint know ya then or else i’d hav bought ur books.

        For now
        Best of Luck!!
        Nice to hear form you🙂



      1. Im a senior in High School. Im in a speech class and I HATE talking in front of classes, I get soo red because I cant stand people looking at me while I talk. People never believe me when I say I’m shy because I am so outgoing. but its when people stare! Oh my, I just cant stand it. But my teacher told us to look for a funny poem and a serious one, I have literally been on since I got home from school. That was 3:35 and it’s now 5:30 exact. Havent found ONE yet, then I found your page and fell in love with the facebook one “Five thousand Friends” Love it. And my teacher will too! Thank you so much!🙂


  3. Heather, just wanted to tell you how much I like your blog, especially “Where the Butterflies Go” as butterfly is my nickname and my favorite symbol in the whole world. Thought you might enjoy a compliment from a new fan. Your poem Frankenstein was quite touching by the way.


    1. Thanks so much for coming by and letting me know you enjoyed your visit, Cheryl. Always makes my day to hear things like that. My first poetry collection is the same title as this blog, “Where the Butterflies Go.” They are quite magical, aren’t they? I always sign those books something like, “be on the lookout for butterflies and other small miracles.”


  4. Dear Grace, Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I am glad to hear that you like it. You have a great blog too. You’re so talented. I like your poems and photos a lot.🙂

    I am not Canadian. I visited Banff NP in 2008. I fell in love with the Canadian Rockies.<3 sigh!!! I also think that Canadians are super sweet people. Very friendly and always smiling. I am thinking of visiting B.C (Victoria and Vancouver islands this fall).


  5. Hello Heather,

    I love your site, excellent name as well; looks don’t hurt much either (kick me anytime)… Seriously I think your work is excellent, I’ve been published on a limited site, once on a very excellent, yet serious optimistic site. @ http://www.Stop-The-Hate.Org (about halfway down the page give or take), it is the poem I posted on my site, called, “Without!” Anyway, I am going to definitively subscribe here, keep up the great work, awesome and inspiring material…

    Much Peace,
    Rich A.N.


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