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No Room for Excuses.

No excuses regarding getting writing done each day, and no excuses when it comes to exercise. A little bit every day…


Do what you love; love what you do.

  I know at times the way I write (first person, fast -paced and accessible) and the way I put things in interviews may sound simplistic. I don’t think I’m simple minded (though I have my moments and I can lack common sense at times) however I try to live like my glass is half… Continue reading Do what you love; love what you do.


Everyday magic

Don’t we all, no matter our age, need a little magic in our everyday ordinary lives? Einstein had it right when he said that there are two ways to live life: one like nothing is a miracle and the other like everything is a miracle. I don’t always succeed –traffic jams and  illnesses and the… Continue reading Everyday magic

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Writers write, and market their butts off.

What did I do differently? I took charge of my creations and my career by becoming an independent author.

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Blank Page

You get to decide.

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Find and Develop Your Story Idea

Extraordinary stories can come from an ordinary, routine event. I was playing with my Wii Fit machine, a weekly morning routine for me, when it occurred to me that the Wii Fit instructor’s mouth wasn’t in synchronization with what he was saying…