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My Top 5 Reads: Summer 2016

Here are reviews of five excellent books I read this summer.

Top 10 Awkward Moments At My Bookstore Signing

Think being an author is all glam? I have proof of the exact opposite: Top 10 Awkward Moments At My Bookstore Signing

Teach a man to fish…

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and good luck hearing from him all day, but he’ll blame it on cell coverage.
~Heather Grace Stewart

Not Such A Tough Mudder

Little girl got rather muddy playing outside. I mean, mud inside her boots as well as outside, and all over hands and face. “That’s okay,” I say to her at the back door as she’s throwing her clothes in a muddy pile for the laundry. “You’re a kid. Kids are

Holiday Checklist

from Where the Butterflies Go This Christmas, I am telling my inner Supermom to leave the building. In the pre-Christmas chaos, I will remember to breathe while juggling the buying flying shopping shipping put-it-on-plastic happy hoopla pot luck and good luck trying to squeeze into last year’s little black dress.

The Groovy Granny: ‘Destined to become a family heirloom’

The Groovy Granny by Heather Grace Stewart Illustrated by Kayla Mae Stewart | Make Your Own Book What readers are saying about The Groovy Granny: “Destined to become a family heirloom.” “The opening poem, ‘Gadget Snow Pants,’  is pure genius.” “I can’t wait to read it to my  grandkids and

Messy Nat and Neat Nina

I like to dust; I like to clean. I love to make things shimmer and glean. My sister Nat is different; she likes a good mess. So sometimes I clean for her, I confess. Once I took her to the cleaners, not her old coin Laundromat, but they made a