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Raising Kids In A Lowering World

I’m a mother to an 8-year-old girl and I’m really concerned about what the world is telling her. (I have no son, but I know they’re also faced with mixed messages and poor role models on a daily basis.) My little girl wakes up wanting to shine. She wants the

Art Inspires Art

One of the reasons I like sharing part of my world with you on this blog is to inspire others —especially those of you who don’t think you have a creative bone in your body—to try their hand at one or more forms of art. I’ve always loved writing, drawing,

Not Such A Tough Mudder

Little girl got rather muddy playing outside. I mean, mud inside her boots as well as outside, and all over hands and face. “That’s okay,” I say to her at the back door as she’s throwing her clothes in a muddy pile for the laundry. “You’re a kid. Kids are

Heather Reading “Trick or Treat?” (Kids Poem)

Trick or Treat? Listen to Heather read this poem here In the fall, I start to plan the disguise of all disguises. I plot and prepare for an evening of surprises. I practice stirring a witch’s pot; I wear scars like Frankenstein’s. I cackle and I screech like an owl

Our Dream Realized: The Groovy Granny EBook

My daughter Kayla and I realized a dream a little over a year ago by publishing our book of illustrated children’s poems, The Groovy Granny. You’ve shown such great support by buying autographed copies (something that just tickled Kayla!) and inviting us to your schools. Guess what? It’s now a

Summer Vacation.

“The pumpkins are funny. You, you aren’t that funny.”

My six-year-old’s latest passion is telling me I’m “not that funny.” Kayla has invented a “Funny Meter’ and tells me daily that I’m “only half-way there,” while she and Bill are “way at the top of the Funny Meter.” Given that I like to inject humor into much of my