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“The Groovy Granny” is “a winner”

Review by Nate Hendley, author of ‘Motivation’ and 9 other books, This hardcover book features a delightful collaboration between mother and daughter (one Kayla Mae Stewart, five-years-old at the time of publication). Mom provides the poetry while Kayla’s vivid drawings illustrate the text. Don’t let the earnestly colourful pictures

The Groovy Granny: ‘Destined to become a family heirloom’

The Groovy Granny by Heather Grace Stewart Illustrated by Kayla Mae Stewart | Make Your Own Book What readers are saying about The Groovy Granny: “Destined to become a family heirloom.” “The opening poem, ‘Gadget Snow Pants,’  is pure genius.” “I can’t wait to read it to my  grandkids and

A Children’s Poetry Place

I started A Children’s Poetry Place a few months back, but haven’t been able to devote as much time to it as Where the Butterflies Go. Watch for more children’s poetry there in 2011. You can subscribe to the feed, or even follow the blog on Networked Blogs. To end

Beyond the Picket Fence: Special Three-Frame Strip

The Mommy Monitor

She:  What’s a Baby Monitor? Me:    It’s something people use to make sure the baby isn’t getting into any trouble. She:   We need to get you a Mommy Monitor.

To Infinity, and the Bus!

From the moment she could talk, our daughter was telling us how she was going to take the “Big kid bus”  on her first day of school. At first, she’d surf along the back of our sofa, peer out our front window, and point at it with a near-toothless grin.

“Poetry, Ahhhh!” –Not “Poetry, Arghhh!”

I’ve always been in love with poetry –but I loved words at a very young age, and my first experience being told to write a poem was a very positive one. My grade one teacher took us to the local arena, and when we returned, she asked us to write