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New Adult Fiction Release and Podcast Interview

It’s finally here! Lauren from Last Night is now available in paperback and digital format on Amazon worldwide. It’s also being published by Dreamscape Media as an audio book in August 2020. You’ll be able to listen to Sam and Lauren’s story on Audible, Scribd, Kobo audio books, and more. I hope you’ve signed up…

Three Simple (and Surprisingly Cheap) Ways to Promote Your Book

I used these techniques and found within six months of trying them all that my monthly income had increased by 300 percent. They all took very little time to set up, and were worth the investment, because they brought me a profit.

On “Going Commercial” – And Loving It.

It didn’t make sense to me: why are writers so undervalued, when people who catch footballs and run with them earn $5-20M a year?

$25 Amazon Gift Card Draw!

My final $25 Amazon Gift Card draw is tomorrow! Sign up at to be entered by tomorrow. I’ll have another contest for Club members in coming months, and as always, access to hundreds of wonderful, free books in the romance and fantasy genres. Business is booming! I’m busy, and a little torn up (sprained…

Writers write, and market their butts off.

What did I do differently? I took charge of my creations and my career by becoming an independent author.