Category: Poems about Life and Death

But, This Year

I’m busy as a bee, it’s what we all say. But, this year…


There are bad hombres out there, you say
and we need to build a wall to
keep them out

Caged: New and Selected Poems by Heather Grace Stewart.

Heather Grace Stewart’s latest anthology, “Caged; New and Selected Poems”, is a delight. This talented poet, novelist and photographer has compiled a book which will touch the hea… Source: Caged: New and Selected Poems by Heather Grace Stewart.

The Status Quo

We hashtag the woe, then go back to our lives: the status quo.

Hold On

Perhaps I Talk to Flowers…

Perhaps I talk to flowers because they don’t talk back. They blossom when I’m kind; wish the world were more like that.

Cell phones in heaven