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Audiobook & Chill.

They’re almost here! Strangely, Incredibly Good and Remarkably Great are available to preorder on Audible. Buy them as a CD or a download. You can also find them on Scribd and several other audiobook sites. They’re out everywhere on March 10, 2020. Share and comment below to be entered in my draw on March 10…

After Four Days in the Dark, I Saw the Light

Michael J. Fox once said that, “Family isn’t an important thing. Family is everything.”It took no electricity for days, hanging out with my best friends by the fire for me to realize that, in this era where it seems we’re walking around with devices glued to our hands, family technology-free time is everything.

How I Curbed My Cellphone Addiction

I’m Heather, a novelist, mother, and one-time cell phone addict. The addiction lead to wrist pain and mild depression. Here’s how I snapped out of it, and how you can, too. It’s not easy to admit this, but for two years, I was addicted to checking my cell phone for new texts or social media…

Three Simple (and Surprisingly Cheap) Ways to Promote Your Book

I used these techniques and found within six months of trying them all that my monthly income had increased by 300 percent. They all took very little time to set up, and were worth the investment, because they brought me a profit.