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No Room for Excuses.

No excuses regarding getting writing done each day, and no excuses when it comes to exercise. A little bit every day…

Jennifer Bogart: Create a Community of Author Friends

My guest, author Jennifer Bogart, on the real key to success.

Everybody Loves Boobies, Kindle Unlimited, How to Help Authors & More

This week’s Live From My Home Office video Q&A on my Facebook Page was such fun, and I wouldn’t want you to miss it, so here it is again! I read Everybody Loves Boobies, answered questions about Kindle Unlimited, how you can help an author you like, the books I’m

Top 10 Awkward Moments At My Bookstore Signing

Think being an author is all glam? I have proof of the exact opposite: Top 10 Awkward Moments At My Bookstore Signing

The Top 7,000 is Fine with Me!

Struggling to reach a certain level on Kindle? Authors, change your perspective.

Readers Are Staying Up Late & Waking Up Early…

Readers say they’re waking up early to read more of Heather Grace Stewart’s STRANGELY INCREDIBLY GOOD books…

Marketing: Not My Favourite Thing.

Ugh. Marketing. Just the word sends me running to the fridge for comfort food. We authors are not built for marketing our books. We need to learn the business, and it’s not an easy one. I do like interacting with readers online, and I especially love meeting them in person