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Beautiful Chaos

Someday, I’ll miss the inevitable post-bed time, “I want a glass of water!” and, “There’s something under my bed!” and, “One more story pleeeeease?”

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Hold On

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Find the Fun

Find the fun today. Inspire yourself. Inspire someone else. Read a paperback book. Review a paperback book! Try something you’ve never tried before, just because you’ve never tried it. Call – don’t text – a friend. Raise a glass to a friend who’s passed away. Sing in the car at stop lights; smile and wave… Continue reading Find the Fun

Poems on Making a Difference

Writing Obstacles For Parents

Are you a writer? Then you’ve likely spent a lot of time reading about the real obstacles to getting published, marketing, and succeeding at selling many copies of your book. Hopefully, those articles provide lots of tips on how to get the job done. This isn’t that article. I’ve only got so much energy, I’m… Continue reading Writing Obstacles For Parents

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Thank you for reaching out and making space on your Kindles for THREE SPACES. I has been out two weeks tomorrow. And guess what? In two weeks, I’ve sold more Kindle copies of THREE SPACES than any of my other poetry ebooks. In fact, it has already outsold the Kindle copies I sold of Carry… Continue reading YOU MADE SPACE FOR IT! THANKS!

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Meet Four Writers On A Blog Hop!

Welcome to my blog hop, where you will learn a little more about me and three other authors: Tracey Allen (Sustainable/Gluten-free/Passive Solar)–simplify.html Luigi Benetton (Technology/Business) Paul Lima (Business of Writing) and here’s my official website: Heather Grace Stewart (Author/Poet/Speaker) If you’ve never visited my blog before, thanks for dropping by! Hope… Continue reading Meet Four Writers On A Blog Hop!

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Bright Light

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