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The Birds Still Sing

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I want a Canada less concerned about veiled faces; more concerned about veiled truths. less concerned about winning a campaign; more concerned about uniting a country. A Canada that includes, not excludes; one that lifts its people up protects the land educates our children. I want a Canada that’s true, strong and free like the… Continue reading Decided.

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Hold On

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The Birds Still Sing

The birds still sing, though I don’t know why, when modern angst fills the sky; when our oceans are dying, and our hopes seem dim; when being good and true doesn’t mean we win. The birds still sing an uplifting song— one of hope and joy— can they be that wrong? From the collection THREE… Continue reading The Birds Still Sing

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When she still held my hand

When she still held my hand My spirit felt lighter, The world, a little brighter, When she still held my hand. Years went by, so fleeting, with her needing, not needing; Moods like fashions, Boys, oh, the parade of boys— Until one boy took her hand. Now I walk alone, yet warm with memories of… Continue reading When she still held my hand

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