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An Interview with Heather Grace Stewart

Leap, from the author of Where the Butterflies Go, is available for purchase at Lulu.com and Amazon stores worldwide. It’s also available on Kindle, Kobo, iBooks, and where all fine ebooks are sold. You can also order an autographed copy via Paypal. Contact the author at writer@hgrace.com. Half the proceeds

Leap into History!

It’s been a great week for my ‘By Leaps and Bounds Photo Contest’–I’ve just received two more entries! You can see all the entries on my Facebook page, and vote for your favourite there, too. Both photos below are by Larry Leitner of Michigan, USA, and were taken May 31,

Don’t Leap!

This is about the only time I’d ever say that–as the author of a book titled, ‘Leap,’ I’d say I’m a pretty big fan of jumping in and going for it. But “Don’t Leap!” is definitely the appropriate title for the latest entry in my “By Leaps and Bounds” Photo

Chicken Soup for the Poetry Lover’s Soul

‘Leap’ reader Kimberly Jurado writes:  “Sitting at the kitchen table, babying my cold, I leapt for my camera, and made a photo op out of the situation. I titled this photo, “Chicken Soup for the Poetry Lover’s Soul.”  Your readers may also know this as Chicken Soup for the “Poultry”

We Sent A Child To School!

Thank you, dear readers. Through sales of ‘Leap‘ in March 2010 alone (its first month out there in the world), I was able to donate to Unicef’s Gift of Education program, and we sent another child to school. But so much more could be accomplished, and it doesn’t take much.

‘Leap’ by Heather Grace Stewart “engages, entertains, enlivens.”

‘Leap by Heather Grace Stewart (ISBN 978-0-557-29619-4) Review by UK Poet Tom Phillips (Various Artists) Following on from 2008’s Where the Butterflies Go and to some extent picking up some of the threads and moods from that collection (and, indeed, the odd poem, such as the elegantly fragile ‘Forecast’, itself