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Interview with Author Kelly Charron

I’m pleased to reintroduce my Interview with a Poet/Author Series for 2018-2019 with an interview with a very special Canadian guest: psychological thriller and urban fantasy author Kelly Charron. Kelly Charron is the author of YA and adult psychological thrillers and urban fantasy novels. All of her novels have gritty,

Where in the World?

Does setting matter to you when you read a book? Do you like to be able to relate to the place(s), or is it more interesting if it’s set in a place foreign to you?

The Wonderful World of Wattpad

One author’s experience in the Wonderful World of Wattpad

Readers Are Staying Up Late & Waking Up Early…

Readers say they’re waking up early to read more of Heather Grace Stewart’s STRANGELY INCREDIBLY GOOD books…

The Perfect Gift for Bookish Moms!

Looking for a gift that will be wrapped up and shipped to Mom (or a good Mom pal ) for you? Morning Rain has three different special offers, all involving Strangely, Incredibly Good and a cute tote bag, and some including Dry Stories by Kate Baggott, a book full of

Strangely, Incredibly Good Book Tour!

Author Heather Grace Stewart has Strangely, Incredibly Good news about an upcoming book tour.

Give Yourself a Break!